[March 2023]Get 2500 yen OFF with Anyca’s BEST invite code

Anycatsu” is the BEST invite code allows you to get the limited 2,500 YEN dicount coupon for March 2023!

This invite code is only allowed to input at signing up Anyca.

All you need to do is just type in “Anycatsu” at the screen as in below.


What’s Anyca?

“Anyca” is the largest car sharing service based in Japan, which allows car owners to rent their car to others.

Similar to Airbnb, but for cars.

Unlike other Car rental services, “Anyca” platform has more variety of cars with cheaper price.

The service allows for flexible rental periods, with options for hourly, daily, and weekly rentals. Anyca is available in many major cities throughout Japan and has become increasingly popular in recent years.

How to use Anyca?

To use Anyca, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Sign up: First, you need to sign up for an account on Anyca’s website or mobile app. You can sign up using your email or social media accounts.
    You only can use the invitecode “Anycatsu” here.
  2. Search for a car: Once you have created an account, you can search for available cars in your desired location. You can filter your search based on the car model, price, and location.
  3. Reserve the car: After finding a suitable car, you can make a reservation by selecting the rental period and providing your payment information. Anyca will charge your payment method when the owner accepts your reservation.
  4. Pick up the car: On the day of your rental, you will need to meet the car owner at the designated location to pick up the car. The owner will provide you with the keys and instructions on how to use the car.
  5. Return the car: At the end of your rental period, you will need to return the car to the owner at the agreed-upon location. The owner will inspect the car and ensure that it is returned in the same condition as when it was rented.
  6. Leave a review: After the rental is complete, you can leave a review of the car and the owner. This helps other users make informed decisions when choosing a car to rent.

Overall, using Anyca is a straightforward process that allows you to rent a car quickly and easily, without the hassle of dealing with a rental car company.

Advntage of using “Anycatsu”

Discounts and bonuses:

The invite code “Anycatsu” come with discounts or bonuses that you can use towards your first rental. This can help you save money and make renting a car more affordable.

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